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Sharks vs Tunas

Aggressive and decisive investors often earn the title “sharks” in business. Inspired by the popular TV show, this term captures their ability to sniff out opportunities and act swiftly, which positions them at the market’s apex. Typically, these individuals exhibit a DISC profile that leans heavily towards Dominance (D) and Influence (I), marked by self-confidence, […]

Other approaches to the study of personality (II) – Other tests

Keirsey David Keirsey (1921 –2013) is another psychologist who took as inspiration both the four temperaments of Hippocrates and Jung’s theories to write his book “Please Understand Me”, and later the practical book “Please Understand Me II.” In his books, he described a personality model and a test that classifies people according to four types of temperaments.  After conducting the […]

DISC styles explained (3) – Stability (S)

General information The original name was submission. In subsequent years it was modified as it was considered that stability better described this style. These folks are generally very calm. They could be quiet or reserved depending on how high their S-level is compared to other styles. They do not like to be the focus of […]

DISC styles explained (2) – Influence (I)

General information These people are often the center of attention. They can’t control it. It’s their nature; they want everyone to look at them and can’t stand others stealing their audience. They are, for me (my style is C), the most difficult people to understand since they do not make decisions based on data or […]

DISC styles explained (1)   – Dominance (D)

General information These are usually complicated people. Getting on well with them could be challenging because they are results-oriented and competitive. They are not the majority of the population. In fact, they are the minority, and it makes sense. Otherwise, what a world we would live in! By nature, these people are wired to be […]

Why are there so many terminologies for DISC?

I have already mentioned how popular the DISC test can be among the entire universe of tests available today. This popularity is mainly due to its simplicity and effectiveness, which I have already expanded on in a previous article. It is no surprise that it is so popular and widely used in the professional world […]

Framework to take decisions

Here, I introduce a framework I developed to help people make complicated decisions involving several factors. The critical thing that must be considered before assessing the framework is knowing your DISC predominant style (D, I, S, or C), which can be obtained after taking a proper DISC test. For the framework, you must follow these […]

The DISC test – A summary of the basics

A bit of history Almost a hundred years ago, in 1928, Marston published his book “Emotions of Normal People.” He sought to explain the various patterns of behavior that healthy people followed when found in different environments. It is important to emphasize that, in previous years, other recognized psychologists such as Freud or Jung carried out similar studies, but in mentally […]