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DISC styles explained (3) – Stability (S)

General information

The original name was submission. In subsequent years it was modified as it was considered that stability better described this style.

These folks are generally very calm. They could be quiet or reserved depending on how high their S-level is compared to other styles. They do not like to be the focus of attention; contrary to an influencer, they prefer to go unnoticed. They want to be left alone and live their lives without being criticized.

Given their nature, they could be excellent listeners. S-style people are usually very interested in what others say, so they are the perfect audience for influencers. People with an S-style are the majority of the population, and that’s a good thing because they generally get along very well with the other styles. However, they can become stressed by the pressure a dominant can exert on them.

These people like to be motivated, sometimes even guided. They need energy and inspiration to be transmitted to them to reach a specific goal. We should not expect such a person to start a confrontation or be direct. On the contrary, they prefer to live in peace with everyone. On the other hand, they enjoy seeing others thrive, and their primary motivation will always be the group’s well-being more than that of the person.

For all these reasons, it is evident that they are terrific friends, they might not be the most sociable at an event, but once they gain confidence, they will surely like to tell you their problems and hope you will listen to them to give them support.

These people are empathetic and pleasant when their secondary style is an influencer (I). You can’t have a better pal than this. If, on the contrary, their secondary style is compliant (C), then they will be great workers, but they can become stubborn.

Most of the people I know are S-style. I have not yet had the opportunity to meet someone who has this style as primary and dominant (D) as secondary. The combination even sounds a bit strange.

Characteristics and examples

Here are some characteristics of a person whose style is predominantly stable:

  • Sentimental and introverted.
  • She/he is oriented towards people and protecting relationships.
  • She/he is stable and calm, generally avoids action, conflict, and competition.
  • She/he avoids assuming command or responsibilities, has no problem following orders.
  • Tolerant of other people and more interested in them than in herself/himself.
  • Likes being part of a group or team and getting along with everyone. 
  • She/he does not like changes but can accept them for the sake of the group.
  • She/he values security, quietness and doesn’t need to push herself/himself too hard.
  • She/he gives the impression of being a friendly and calm person.
  • Good listener but doesn’t talk much or reveal feelings to strangers. 
  • She/he doesn’t make decisions or act hastily, preferring to go at her/his own pace.
  • She/he can be a bit pessimistic.
  • She/he gives more importance to her/his weaknesses.

And here some examples of people and characters with a predominantly stable style: 

  • Mother Teresa
  • David Beckham
  • Gandhi
  • Steve Rogers (Marvel)
  • Jon Snow (GOT)

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