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Sharks vs Tunas

Aggressive and decisive investors often earn the title “sharks” in business. Inspired by the popular TV show, this term captures their ability to sniff out opportunities and act swiftly, which positions them at the market’s apex. Typically, these individuals exhibit a DISC profile that leans heavily towards Dominance (D) and Influence (I), marked by self-confidence, a predisposition for challenges, and instinct-driven decision-making.

However, not all successful business figures fit this mold. What about those with “Static” (S) and “Compliant” (C) DISC styles? Far from being mere followers, individuals with these profiles excel in roles that require patience, meticulous analysis, and a less confrontational approach. They may not share the shark’s rapid decisiveness, but their methods often lead to substantial success.

I like to call these individuals “tunas” after another formidable predator of the seas. Unlike their shark counterparts, tunas thrive on patience and strategic foresight, dominating their environments through careful planning and conflict avoidance. This group often includes technicians and scientists whose success comes not from impulsive action but deep knowledge and thoughtful analysis.

The influence of media might lead us to believe that the shark’s aggressive tactics are superior. Yet, many of the most renowned business leaders are tunas. These professionals maintain a low profile, yet their strategic acumen speaks volumes about their capabilities.

Practical Application in Coaching

In my coaching sessions with technical professionals, I often encounter clients who excel in their technical domains yet struggle with assertive managerial roles. By challenging them to think like both a shark and a tuna, I encourage them to explore diverse strategies that extend beyond their comfort zones. For instance, while a typical ‘tuna’ might prepare for a board meeting by thoroughly researching past projects, I prompt them also to consider a ‘shark’s’ approach—leveraging their network to enhance their presentation without getting bogged down in details.

This method of thinking broadens their problem-solving toolkit and enhances their adaptability, allowing them to recognize and seize opportunities they might otherwise overlook.

Explore New Perspectives

If this dichotomy between sharks and tunas resonates with you, or if you are curious about which type of business personality aligns with your own, executive coaching might provide the insights you want. I invite you to schedule a session and discover new strategies to elevate your business approach.

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