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DISC styles explained (1)   – Dominance (D)

General information

These are usually complicated people. Getting on well with them could be challenging because they are results-oriented and competitive. They are not the majority of the population. In fact, they are the minority, and it makes sense. Otherwise, what a world we would live in!

By nature, these people are wired to be leaders, to push others towards a common goal. Whether it is family, friends or a business, someone has to make decisions at the end of the day! For all this, we must accept that it is an essential style.

We’ve all met someone like that. Probably our boss at some point, the director of a company where we worked, or perhaps a leader you admired. Almost always serious or even aggressive, shining when presenting results and goals for the following year, motivating the group for a goal that only a few other dreamers can envision. Depending on their dominance level and secondary style, they usually aren’t even remotely interested in our personal lives, but they can make an effort if necessary. They are the people who will not use more words than required to get what they need. They call you, ask questions and say goodbye. There is no time for details or gossip.

Let’s not get carried away by the idea that they are extroverts. We have probably met or seen on television many introverted dominant leaders. These people do not necessarily seek to be the focus of attention but seek results and be successful. Their primary addiction is winning and showing that they are capable.

As you can imagine, they make a perfect partnership with a C-style since they need the information to make decisions, their temperament can make them very pragmatic, but they can make hasty decisions. With the necessary patience, they complement each other well with S-style people since they generally need someone to motivate or lead them. They also get along well with I-style people as, in both cases, they are very optimistic and see other people as the resource to prosper.

Characteristics and examples

To summarize, here are some characteristics of a person whose style is predominantly dominant:

  • Rational and outgoing.
  • She/he has a high sense of competitiveness and is result-oriented. 
  • They show little interest in details.
  • Not afraid of risks and can adapt to changes quickly.
  • She/he likes to be in control.
  • She/he is direct in expressing opinions.
  • She/he does not flee from conflicts, looks for challenges and difficulties. 
  • She/he does not have much patience, prefers to take action rather than wait.
  • She/he has a character that others might consider aggressive.
  • She/he could appear cold and self-centered.
  • Generally appears optimistic and knows how to convince the listener.
  • She/he gives more importance to her/his strengths.

And here are some examples of people and characters with a primarily dominant style: 

  • Donald Trump
  • Venus Williams
  • Madonna 
  • Thor (Marvel)
  • Cersei Lannister (GOT)

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