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Business Developer | Executive coach | Author | Guitarist

Welcome! I’m Alexander Martinez, a business developer, executive coach, and writer with over 15 years of experience. My passion is driving growth and success. I use my expertise and curiosity to help people and companies achieve their goals. Explore my site to see how my executive coaching can transform your leadership, gain insights from my blog, and enjoy my musical inspirations.

About Me

I have a Master’s degree in Innovation and Entrepreneurship and a strong background in food science. I am fluent in English, Spanish, and Italian and have excelled in industries such as food & feed specialty ingredients and agricultural commodities.

My experience includes hunting, managing P&L, developing sales strategies, and leading innovation projects. As I master both languages, I can seamlessly transition between technical and commercial discussions. I am also a certified executive coach and DISC practitioner committed to enhancing leadership, communication, and decision-making skills. I bring creativity and resilience to every challenge. Outside work, I enjoy running, cooking, reading, and playing music.

I am also the author of “The Perfect Tulip”.

If you are ready to elevate your potential, explore my coaching programs and professional services. You can also check out my CV below to learn more about my journey and qualifications. Let’s achieve success together!

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