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DISC styles explained (2) – Influence (I)

General information

These people are often the center of attention. They can’t control it. It’s their nature; they want everyone to look at them and can’t stand others stealing their audience. They are, for me (my style is C), the most difficult people to understand since they do not make decisions based on data or analysis but instead on their gut feeling and instinct.

Influencers are typical examples of entrepreneurs from the stories we read in business magazines. They have an idea, a dream, a vision, they don’t know precisely how they will achieve it, but they feel they have to pursue it. And undoubtedly, many do.

Just as it is challenging for me to understand them, I admire them too because they can let their imagination fly and forget about limitations for a while. Influencers are certainly the ideal people to depict a vision.

Surely you have met a friendly person who always makes you laugh. He or she can talk for hours without stopping and sometimes answer without listening to what they have been asked. They are the inspirational people who can talk you into doing something you usually wouldn’t agree to just because you like them.

But the issue comes when they have to deliver. In general, they tend to be very messy. They do not like processes or analysis charts. They prefer to solve their problems by talking but may fall victim to deadlines.

A large percentage of the people they know would agree on the same thing, they commit to doing a lot, but when the time comes to execute it, they have many complications; they need the help of people with other styles, who are more results-oriented, to be able to deliver on time.

Depending on their secondary style, they can be great leaders. I have met people who combined influencing with a dominant style, and they can inspire, make decisions, and move forward in a situation. If their secondary style is stability, they can be excellent friends since they combine empathy with their closeness to people.

I don’t personally know anyone who combines influencing and compliance. Both styles still seem very opposite to me. But I am sure someday I will be able to write about what these individuals are like.

Characteristics and examples

To summarize, here are some characteristics of a person whose style is predominantly influential:

  • Sentimental and outgoing.
  • She/he is oriented towards people and cultivating relationships.
  • She/he takes decisions quickly by following her/his instincts.
  • She/he does not like to follow pre-established patterns and is creative in finding solutions.
  • She/he is curious, likes novelties, and trying new things.
  • She/he has excellent communication skills but some listening difficulties. 
  • In general, she/he comes across as a pleasant and friendly person.
  • They show little interest in details.
  • Has trouble concentrating, finishing what she/he starts, or following procedures. 
  • Likes to explore the limits looking for innovation. 
  • Can be overly optimistic.
  • She/he gives more importance to her/his strengths.

And here some examples of people and characters with a predominantly influential style: 

  • Robin Williams
  • Bill Clinton
  • Will Smith
  • Tony Stark (Marvel)
  • Tyrion Lannister (GOT)

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