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How to resolve conflicts using DISC?

Conflict is inevitable as social beings that we are, and because of the interaction we have with others. It is usual for us to have differences of opinion or very different personalities that can clash. In this article, I will talk about how the different DISC styles can influence conflicts in working life. As we […]

Coaching and mentoring, are those the same thing?

As I mentioned in another article, coaching is a methodology through which the client (coachee) can discover points that could be learned or reinforced to find solutions for his or her challenges. In other words, coaching helps us grow as professionals. But it must be recognized that coaching is not a quick solution. It requires […]

The use of influence to improve communication within an organization

If you have reached a certain level in your professional career or have worked for a long time in corporate companies, surely by now, you have noticed that one of the skills you must develop to continue growing is influencing others. Today we are all aware of the term thanks to social networks. I will […]