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Understanding Sales Profiles: Finding the Best Fit for Success

The Myth of the “Snake Oil Salesman” When many people think of sales, they often imagine the stereotypical “snake oil salesman”—a smooth talker, insistent and somewhat deceptive. This caricature suggests that a successful salesperson is someone who can sell anything to anyone, often by stretching the truth. However, the reality is that there are various […]

Surviving sales prospection: Cold calls

Nothing scares a salesperson more than the thought of prospecting. Start from scratch, find potential customers and figure out how to convince them to listen to you. Be aware I am not referring to Bibles selling in which you go from door to door or salespeople who wait for the client to come and explain […]

DISC styles explained (3) – Stability (S)

General information The original name was submission. In subsequent years it was modified as it was considered that stability better described this style. These folks are generally very calm. They could be quiet or reserved depending on how high their S-level is compared to other styles. They do not like to be the focus of […]

How can I overcome the fear of selling?

I have been thinking for a long time about what title to put for this post. I recognize that “fear” could be a bit of an exaggerated word for what I really want to explain. Perhaps the most appropriate term would be “insecurity”. Naturally, if at any point you decided to take up sales as […]

What does it take to be a good negotiator?

That is really a difficult question. I wouldn’t even know where to start to analyse it. I have certainly read many negotiation books and found myself in various situations arguing (I mean negotiating) with important people on some point on which we have not agreed. I will focus on commercial negotiations related to selling products […]